Quality is our first priority and we have extensive procedures in place specifically designed to maintain our status as the highest quality manufacturer

Our trained quality inspectors carry out a detailed check on the input of the pipe material, during the manufacturing process and above all at the output of the finished products, and measure each end product. In order to achieve a high and constant quality of all the products manufactured on the CNC machines and finished in the anodizing line, we are constantly following the state of the art in the field of measurement and have put our control department on a higher level.

The products are measured on the MITUTOYO PV5000 profile measuring projector and Mitutoyo digital calipers, which can offer our customers high quality and accuracy.

The control of anodized workpieces is done visually, by measuring given tolerances, as well as measuring the oxide layer thickness. The demand of our customers with regard to the thickness of the oxide layer is made by means of the hand-held measuring device Fischer FMP 10.

To ensure the traceability of our products, we use measurement protocols in every manufacturing process.